About Our Company

Crest IT is an IT company that specialize in building custom WordPress and E-Commerce sites for you and your business. 

Our Mission

Most websites lack two very important features, and that is attractiveness and fluidness. Our Mission is to create a website that is both as beautiful as a waterfall as well as flow as smoothly as a stream.

We use our inner designers aswell as our developers path to pull your vision together and make it become a reality for your business. Our Mission has always been to deliver the best quality service to our clients, regardless what industry you come from.

Our History

We were founded in 1995 when the internet world was starting to explode. We specialised in .Net Web Applications and the infrastructure that is required to support them. In 2002 we migrated from ASP (Active Server Pages) to the Micrisoft .Net Platform.

In 2010 we began creating and hosting websites on the Kentico CMS platform for Hotels and Restuarants, which is when we enetered into the responsive world of web development. In 2018 we started migrating from Kentico CMS to WordPress due to the extremely high demand and the cost effectiveness of running WordPress as a CMS compared to Kentico CMS.


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